Prepare for Your Application | UNT Psychology Graduate Application

Prepare for Your Application

The deadline to submit applications has passed. Please contact with any questions you have.

Great! You've applied to UNT's Toulouse Graduate School. Now you need to apply to our department.

You can start your application and add to it at any time before December 1. However, you'll need the minimum required information to save your application for the first time.

Minimum required information to start your application

You'll be required to answer some basic questions before you can save your application. These include:

  • Your contact information
  • What program you're applying to
  • Legal questions

In addition to those basic questions, you'll need the following to start and save your application:

  • Your Statement of Goals: an essay describing your goals in getting a graduate degree in Psychology
  • Names and email addresses of 3 people you want to request recommendations from
  • Details of at least 1 previous university you've attended*
  • Details of at least 1 course you took that satisifies our Psychology prerequisites*
  • Details of at least 1 undergraduate Psychology course you've taken*

* This is the bare minimum required to start and save your application to our system. You must enter all of your additional information and save your application by December 1.

Remember: this is the minimum required information to start your application. Unless otherwise noted, all fields on the application should be completed by December 1.

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